interweb-comics-giantessInterweb Comics was founded in 2011 on the belief that the internet and mobile technology would revolutionize the way people read comics. By building on this trend, Interweb Comics has become the leading digital publisher of adult comics.

Through effective online collaboration and refinement, we have created an environment where artists, writers and editors thrive together to create comics that fans of the genre can truly appreciate.

Our current publishing is done via online membership sites, separated by genre.

1. Giantess Fan Comics –
Keywords: giantess, shrunken people, size growth, dominant females

2. Expansion Fan Comics –
Keywords: breast expansion, big boobs, sex

3. Muscle Fan Comics –
Keywords: strong females, muscle growth, female heroes, dominant females

4. Vore Fan Comics –
Keywords: mouth fetish, digestion, swallowing, shrinking

5. Shrink Fan Comics –
Keywords: shrinking, shrunken woman, giant

6. Bondage Fan Comics –
Keywords: bondage, BDSM, fetish, dominatrix

7. Transform Fan Comics –
Keywords: transformation, transgender, supernatural, science-fiction

8. Futanari Fan Comics –
Keywords: transgender, futanari, supernatural, science-fiction

9. Monster Girl Fan Comics –
Keywords: monstergirl, mythology, supernatural, fantasy

We help create over 200 comic pages, 18 cover illustrations and 28 pinups every month across our network.